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electowiki is a website focused on electoral reform and describing alternative electoral systems. It uses MediaWiki (just like Wikipedia).

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Different electoral systems have different effects on the quality of democratic elections. Many electoral activists wish to replace the antiquated "choose-one" systems (often referred to as "first past the post") which are used in most of the world's elections with better systems. Many voting theorists have researched the topic and support the activists' call for a change. The editors of this wiki support a change too (see "electowiki:EPOV" to learn more).


There are activism movements for the following:

The field of voting theory has had extensive research over the past centuries, including work on:

  • Criteria – how can we know whether a method behaves the way we want it to?
  • Strategy – how do different systems encourage different behavior?
  • Welfare – how well do different systems promote the public good?

To the best of our ability, the electowiki community collects the collective wisdom of scholars and enthusiasts and works together to create a comprehensive reference for all to use.


This wiki focuses on electoral systems (a.k.a. social choice functions). Articles in the electoral systems category describe specific systems together with their implementation details and features.

Other categories:


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About the project

electowiki is associated with the election-methods mailing list, but all election nerds are welcome here.

electowiki is a wiki, which means anybody can get involved, building free content. We offer a license for anybody to copy and modify the work hosted here. To learn more about us or how to edit, see the Community Portal and Frequently Asked Questions.

Some facts about electowiki:

  • electowiki was launched in January 2005 as the official wiki for the 2003 "Electorama!" project.
  • This wiki was created as a home for more detailed information about less-notable methods and articles that are still under development (for Wikipedia and elsewhere) .
  • electowiki currently has 787 articles in the main collection, as well as many other policy pages, talk pages, and user pages.
  • (hosted by Miraheze) was started in 2018, with content copied over from the old Electorama wiki site in late 2018.
  • This wiki (electowiki) has more-or-less superseded the old Electorama wiki.

To learn more about the history of this website, visit electowiki:About. To learn more about reading (and editing!) this website, see Help:Contents.