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The Negative Vote Coalition is a global advocacy group an advocacy group promoting negative vote.

Negative vote

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The "negative vote" is sometimes called "bipolar voting"[1][2] or "balanced plurality voting" ("BPV")[3] is a modification of FPTP, in which voters can choose to either support a single candidate, or vote against a single candidate. The negative votes are subtracted from positive votes for each candidate, and the candidate with the highest total is the winner.


The Negative Vote Coalition is an organization which believes that voters have a right to cast a negative vote against one’s least-preferred candidate(s). The believe that introducing the negative vote option into any voting system brings any ballot into “balance.” Balanced ballots are designed not only to enable voters to express disapproval for ideas or candidates but also to reduce incentives for hyper-partisanship, quell negative propaganda, and reduce the influence of money in politics.


The Negative Vote Coalition's website can be found at the following location:


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