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Origin of 2CV

I doubt that Nathan Atkinson tries to introduce a new single-winner election method. I rather think that he is simply describing the Borda count in the 3-candidate case. MarkusSchulze (talk) 07:40, 31 August 2023 (UTC)

Just by reading the citation, you're almost certainly correct, User:MarkusSchulze. The citation is not the greatest citation for 2CV. I created the page during User:Sass's weekly call (Sass Open Democracy Discussion), trying to simultaneously pay attention to the call and create the "2CV" page, and that was given as a citation for "2CV" as rationale for this "not just being my idea". To be clear, it wasn't User:Sass's idea, either, but rather the idea of someone affiliated with the Forward Party who was really trying to convince us that "2CV" is the future of single-winner electoral reform. They provided that link as proof that 2CV wasn't just their idea. It would be very cool if you joined either Sass's next regularly scheduled video call or my own (User:RobLa/Tuesday at 2), so that we can discuss what to do with this page. Both calls are happening this coming Tuesday. -- RobLa (talk) 18:48, 1 September 2023 (UTC)