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Possible removal

I was wondering if perhaps this page should be removed. I've searched all the posts on EM for "cloaked participation", "acpc", "pcpc" and couldn't find any posts with either of these terms. In addition, there are no known methods that fail ordinary participation but pass these, at least not from the examples given on this page. So about the only thing it says is that certain methods pass even a weakening of Participation. I could write a page about mono-add-plump and add those results to a generalization/notes section to preserve them, in that case. Any thoughts? User:RobLa, User:Dr. Edmonds? Kristomun (talk) 13:05, 25 March 2022 (UTC)

I have never heard of this criteria but still hesitate to delete anything --Dr. Edmonds (talk) 16:47, 25 March 2022 (UTC)