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4 May 2022

  • curprev 04:2204:22, 4 May 2022RobLa talk contribs 1,056 bytes +430 →‎Definition: - I'll look into this later, possibly sending a note to the EM list
  • curprev 03:2803:28, 4 May 2022Dr. Edmonds talk contribs 626 bytes +626 Created page with "This is a good start but I think it makes sense to go a little more broad. In the example you gave the method selected multiple winners and needed a completion method to get down to a single winner. The inverse is also possible. Method of Equal Shares does not always return all the winners so it uses bloc score as the completion method to get up to the desired number. I am currently working with the author of MES to propose SSS as a more natural completion method. Pl..."