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I was a computer programmer. I've been retired for almost 15 years. Beside working for a living, I ran for political office twice, losing on October 25 both times. As a result of losing the first time, 30 years ago, I became very interested in having a better voting system for electing representation. The systems out there all seemed to have problems. I came across the Condorcet methods demonstrator on a Robla webpage back in 1999(?). After many years of trying to find or make a perfect voting system, I gave up. Last winter (January 2023), there was some irritating election result, or someone's smart comments ... and I got to thinking that I needed to write my old ideas of fairness into a step by step process to fix IRV before I was too old to remember. I came up with my MIRV process (Multiple Instant Runoff Voting) on paper. It was hard to explain and boring to talk about. I was fortunate to have a Chrome Book and noticed I could use Google Sheets for free. I decided to give it try. No database. Just columns and rows. Now, it's October, and I think I've made something different, something new. Too complicated? Perhaps. I would argue, it's a spreadsheet. People trust spreadsheets. It's all there. Simple arithmetic and lots and lots of simple logic. As of December, 2023, I have given it a new name, Standard Vote (SV).

January 1st, 2024, added a user contribution page, includes link to spreadsheet demonstrator: User:RalphInOttawa/Standard Vote