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DRAFT POLICY - 2019-12-17 -

This will be copied to Electowiki:Advocacy if/when it becomes policy

Articles in the main namespace should fall into one of these categories:

  • Wikipedia EPOV supplement - these articles have a 1:1 mapping to articles on English Wikipedia (enwiki), and prominently link to their enwiki counterpart using Template:Wikipedia. Supplementary articles should only briefly summarize the enwiki counterpart. The remainder of the article should conform to the Electowiki point of view (EPOV), providing the reader with the Electowiki community consensus view on the topic, which may differ from the enwiki community's stricter adherance to neutral point of view (NPOV)
  • Not-quite-Wikipedia - no banner needed. It needs to be almost up to Wikipedia's reliability standards on many vectors: almost "NPOV", almost "well-cited", almost "notable", not "indiscriminate", and most importantly, on track to be something that Wikipedia would want in the not-TOO-distant future (e.g. five years from now).
  • Advocacy - banner required. These are the articles where only "friendly" edits are welcome. The talk page for the article needs to identify which Electowiki editors are part of the ad hoc friendly curation committee for that article. The talk page also needs to include a banner which includes links to differing points of view.

As of December 2019, there are not yet advocacy banners. User:RobLa wants to change this.