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Show Me Integrity is an organization in Missouri which promotes approval voting (and to a lesser extent, ranked-choice voting).[1][2]

Electoral reform

Quoting their website:[3]

We support reforming our broken elections through innovative voting systems in order to focus elections on issues -- not divisive, partisan attacks.

  • Gathered 20,000 signatures to put STL Approves’ Proposition D for Democracy reform onto the St. Louis City ballot, which passed in the 2020 election with 68% of the vote.
  • Educated voters about the approval voting process in St. Louis City, and successfully had the first city election with approval voting in March 2021.

In 2022, Show Me Integrity still had promotional material for approval voting on their website, though they also appear to be in support of ranked-choice voting:[2]

In 2020, St. Louisans passed Proposition D with over 68% of support, instituting approval voting in St. Louis. In St. Louis City, approval voting means that voters mark all the candidates they approve of in the primary election, and the top-two candidates with the most support advance to the run-off in the general election. St. Louis City had their first election under the new system on March 2, 2021, and the first run-off under this system on April 6, 2021 - and the community support has been overwhelming. As a result of this new system, St. Louis elected a new mayor and new Alderpersons, who now have a strong mandate to lead and won with a majority of support.

What's quoted above appears to be the current position of Show Me Integrity in 2022.[4]


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