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Hi User:Kristomun -- have there been any peer-reviewed papers published about fpA-fpC yet? Alternatively, how many public discussions have their been about fpA-fpC since your original email? Just searching through my mail archives, it would appear that it's been discussed quite a bit (e.g. here: ) Could you help gather up the public references to this method besides your initial 2016 email? (also: is there anyone else who deserves some credit for the method as currently conceived?) -- RobLa (talk) 08:04, 15 February 2022 (UTC)

I'm not aware of any academic papers about fpA-fpC, no. On EM: more to come later, but these are the ones I could find for now are:
"Strategy-resistant monotone methods" 2016-02-07 (me)
"Re: MJ -- The easiest method to 'tolerate'" 2016-09-22 (me)
"Resolvable weighted positional systems all fail independence of clones" 2017-12-03 (me)
"Fwd: What are some simple methods that accomplish the following conditions?" 2019-06-01 (Forest Simmons)
"Re: Improved Copeland" 2019-06-07 (me, also Forest Simmons)
"Unmanipulable majority and Condorcet" 2020-01-03 (me, also Forest Simmons)
"Minimally manipulable methods: preliminary results" 2020-11-02 (me; first post about the MIP minimally manipulable method search)
"Re: A Metric for Issue/Candidate Space" 2020-12-23 (Kevin Venzke)
"Re: Best Ranked Preference Deterministic Method?" 2020-12-24 (me, KV, FS)
"Re: extending fpA-fpC" 2020-12-26 (Kevin Venzke)
"Re: Agenda Based Banks" 2021-08-04 (Forest Simmons)
"Re: Defeat Strength Demystified" 2021-09-17 (Forest Simmons)
"Re: 'Independence of cycles' and a possible new method" 2021-12-12 (me, Toby Pereira, Colin Champion, Forest Simmons)
"Re: Quick and Clean Burial Resistant Smith, compromise" 2022-01-09 (me, Kevin Venzke, Daniel Carrera, Forest Simmons)
and some others of this January and this month (February)
It's been mostly me (since I first found it), Forest (giving ideas about extending or generalizing the method), Kevin (using it for simulations/determining its behavior relative to Condorcet-IRV and the like); and then recently it's been picking up more with DC, CC, et al. Kristomun (talk) 23:09, 15 February 2022 (UTC)