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FBC failure example

FBC failure example:

0.389: B>A=C
0.290: A>C>B
0.241: C>B>A
0.079: A=C>B  -->  C>A=B

Winner changes from B to C.

Initially all candidates are "beaten" per the definition. A and C partial-beat each other, but A pairwise beats C, disqualifying C. When A is lowered by the 0.079 faction, C is no longer "beaten" by A, leaving C as the only unbeaten candidate.

KVenzke (talk) 05:14, 22 April 2022 (UTC)

Thank you for commenting, and welcome (again) to electowiki, KVenzke! Also, thanks for the reminder that I need to get back to working on aggregated ballot information format ("ABIF"). -- RobLa (talk) 06:29, 22 April 2022 (UTC)