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There's a lot of software and websites that folks have made for implementing different polling solutions. Ping User:RobLa over on the C4ES Discord server if he doesn't flesh this page out before the end of July 2020.

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By person

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Nicky Case

main article: Nicky Case

Things like Nicky Case's famous "how to build a better ballot":

Ka-Ping Yee

main article: Ka-Ping Yee

Ka-Ping Yee's diagrams (Yee diagrams) changed many perspectives in the world of electoral reform.


By software

Other links for software for calculation, analysis, simulation, etc. of voting methods and elections

Local execution & Library

  • Condorcet PHP: Command-line application and PHP library natively including dozens of methods under a single interface. And a modular framework for implementing more.
  • JavaScript library votes: Includes more than 16 voting systems. NPM, GitHub, demo.

Online election calculators

see also: online poll

These sites calculate the winner from a listing of ballots:



Open Standards

  • Condorcet Election Format: The `Condorcet Election Format` is a free and standardized open election description standard. The objective of this format is to be easily written and read by a human, with the rigor and precision necessary for ingestion by a program.
  • Election Markup Language