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Podcast mention

This page was favourably mentioned on a politics podcast. RobLa, is this something worth mentioning on the actual topic page? --Dr. Edmonds (talk) 06:44, 30 June 2021 (UTC)

Possibly. Is the podcaster a source of reliable information? How reliable would the folks over on English Wikipedia consider them to be? -- RobLa (talk) 22:09, 30 June 2021 (UTC)
I have watched a number of their podcasts. I would say it is much more reliably than average and have no intent to deceive. I have no idea how the Wikipedia people would view them. They have proper degrees and seem to attempt to cover the topics well. They do switch topics each week so clearly they would not be an expert on all topics. Have a look at the profiles of the podcasters, Josh Fermeand Hugo Hythloday to make your own judgement. Or better yet, watch the actual podcast. --Dr. Edmonds (talk) 03:46, 3 July 2021 (UTC)

Extra Information that might be of interest

For some introduction on this topic:

In the Political Front

Idea: Each Telos corresponds to an ideology's defense system

In the Psychological Front

Idea: Three Telos have existed for a long time

In the Religious and Cultural Front

Idea: Telos deviations exist on a global scale

Dark Enlightenment Theonomist Techno-Commercialist Ethno-Nationalist
Triangle Communism Capitalism Fascism
Old Ruler Pope King General
New Ruler President CEO Security
Competition Disallowed Competition Unlimited Competition Out-group Antagonism
Time Preference Present (Low) Investment (Mid) Tradition (High)
Evolution Random Generative Adaptive
Evolution Genetic Drift (Dysgenics) Autocatalyticus Eugenic Breeding
Zarathustra Abyss Tightrpoe Call of Space
Relationships Intuitive Propaganda Rational Science Genetic Kinship
Three Estates Clergy Nobility Craftsman
Alt-Left Adaptation Enlightenment Rationalism Materialist Political Economy Cultural Communitarianism
Inverse Alt-Left Oligopoly Totalitarianism Societal Breakdown
Post-Modernity Critical Theory Pragmatism Post-Structuralism
French Principles Equity/Egalitarianism Freedom/Liberty Tradition/Fraternity
Justification It is fair and reduces harm The need for self-determination Rapid change is destructive
Prestige Identifier Victim Culture Dignity culture Honour Culture
Economics Communism Socialism Free Market Capitalism Mercantilism Feudalism
Structure Flat Meritocratic Inherited Class
Power holder Government Worthy Caste
Basic unit Collective Individual Tribal
Truth source Postmodern Truth Denial Scientific Method Divine Knowledge
World view Power Structures Materialism Idealism
Vision of Nature Unconstrained Emergent Structured
Principles IWAH SDO RWA
Dark Triad Grandiose Narcissism Primary Psychopathy Histrionic Machiavellianism
Slogan do what thou wilt kill or be killed either with us, or against us
Vulnerable Dark Triad Vulnerable Narcissism Secondary Psychopathy BPD
Cluster A Triad Paranoid Schizotypal Schizoid
Light Triad Kantianism Humanism Faith in Society
Opposite Philosophy Consequentialism Behaviorism Machiavellianism
Evil as a means to Self-Interest Security Law and Order
Normapollo's 3P Tribal Altruism Unity & Tradition Moral Ecology
Implied Effect Mutualism Social Pressure Secured Future
Goal Confidence Integration Empowerment
Tripartite Mind Eros Pathos Thymos Ethos Logos
Comte Monotheism Polytheism Fetishism
Comte Positivism Metaphysics Theology
CAD Triad Divinity Autonomy Community
Disgust Anger Contempt
3D Gospel Fear v Power Guilt v Honor Shame v Innocence
God's Role Warrior Father Judge
Lewis Model Multiactive Linear-Active Reactive
🌍 🌎 🌏
Description Relationship, Multiple Goals Platonic, Cartesian Harmony, Solidarity
Data Acquisition Solicits First Hand Info Data From Stats, Research Data and People
Planning Outline Step-wise Axiomatic
Project Planning Cross-influence Compartmentalize Whole Picture
Work cycle Multitasking Linear Schedule Reacts to partners
Department Gets Around All Department Within Department All departments
Work Times Any Hours Fixed Hours Flexible Hours
Flexibility Changes Plans Sticks to Plan Slight Changes
Tracking Interrelation Fixed Agendas Thoughtful
Reflection Roams back and forth Sticks to Agenda Asks for repeats
Completion Human Transactions Action Chains Reacts to partners
Communication Impolite and Emotional Direct Indirect
Tone of Speech Emotional Rational Sympathetic
Confrontation Flexibility Truth Diplomacy
Fact Interpretive (not) Descriptive (is) Prescriptive (ought)
Defining Truth "Pulls strings"/Key Persons Officiality Honest Networking
Communication Spoken Word Written Word Face-to-Face/Action
Social v Professional Interweave Separate Connect
Punctuality Unimportant Very Important Important
Off work talk Gregarious Privacy Good listener
Off work talk Inquisitive Minds Own Business Respectful
Delegation Relations Competent Colleagues Reliable People
Face Favors and Excuses Reluctance Never Lose Face
Auditory Talks for hours Brief on Telephone Summarizes Well
Auditory Talkative Talks half the time Silent and Listens
Interruption Often Rarely Does not
People v Jobs People Oriented Job-oriented Very People-oriented
Patience Impatient Partially Impatient Patient
Body Language Unlimited Limited Subtle
Feelings Displays Feelings Partly Conceals Feelings Conceals Feelings
3D Gospel Fear Guilt Shame
Principles IWAH SDO RWA
Author Top Middle Bottom
George Orwell Inner Party Outer Party Proles
Karl Marx Bourgeoisie Communists Proletariat
Auguste Comte Positive Metaphysical Theological
New Left Activists Racists, etc. Victims
Curtis Yarvin Gentry Commoners Client
J.R.R. Tolkien Elves Hobbits Dwarves
Joel Kotkin Clerisy Yeomanry Serfs
Dennis Price Cloud People Dirt People [dependents]
David Goodhart Anywheres Somewheres [Inbetweeners]
Vikings Earls Peasants Thralls (slaves)
Christopher Chantrill Creatives Responsibles Subordinates
Christopher Chantrill Ruling Class Middle Class Little Darlings
Christopher Chantrill Heroism Monotheism Polytheism
Quantification of Beliefs
  • SDO and RWA (Libertarian Dominance and Authority as an Index)
  • Moral Foundations Theory or Evolutionary-Coalitional Theory
  • Classification:
* Tradition/Authoritarian: Purity-Authority-Loyalty = RWA
* Compassion/Universalizing: Fairness-Care = IWAH
* Liberty/Dominating: Liberty = SDO

Conclusion or further leads to research: This tripartite model can be cross-referenced and measured between Hadit's MFT, SDO/RWA/IWAH indices, Political Beliefs ala 8Values, 9Axes, 12Axes, PolitiScales, DichotomyTests, (hope OP can reference this) If there is a way to cleverly cross-correlate Questions within this test, the ideological space can be reduced (hopefully) to only three dimensions. Inventory Correlations has been done for Big Five and HEXACO, and also MFT vs ECT.

Trichot (talk) 16:24, 12 August 2021 (UTC)

Alternate Diagrams for Triangle or Cube

Political Triangle
Political Cube